Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bacldoor News: BB116 and BB117

Backdoor News Againz~

BB116 Random Booster Vol.8 part listings are out.

And so is the Rare Bey~
Jade Jupiter S130RB

other parts in the pack includes:

Clear Wheels
Ionix, Fox, Leya, Crown

Metal Wheel

Forbidden, Divine, Screw, Hell


ED145, TR145, S130, 130, 90


RB, FB, W2D, MF, D

Looks like we have some new parts in RBV8 ya, parts like CW Ionix and MW Forbidden and also a new Rubber Bottom, Rubber Ball~(RB)! Forbidden MW is similar to the Thermal MW.

Jade is said to be a 4D fusion metal wheel that contains 4 metal balls, similar to the Gravity Ball GB145 Track! The best part is that the Ball bearings can be locked to change from Stamina and Defence Modes!

also out of the bag is BB117 - Saikyou Blader Set

Apparently the set consist of 3 Beys and a recolored Tool.
the 3 Beys in the listing are:
Shin Unicorno (Unicorno 2) 100RSF
Basalt Horogium 130RS
Nightmare Rex UW145EWD

Not a very impressive line up but will be looking forward to the new "Shin Unicorno"~!

Upcoming Future Releases:

BB116 - Random Booster Vol.8

BB117 - Saikyou Blader Set

BB118 - Starter J (Orion)

BB119 - Starter K
BB120 - Super Sized BeyStadium
BBC04 - Supercon Bey Starter
BBC05 - Supercon Bey Starter

BB121 - Beyblade Deck Set

Next Update, CoroCoro Comic August Issue~

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