Friday, March 18, 2011

Limited Movie Premium - Sol Blaze V145AS

Thanks to a great friend of mine, i finally got another collectable!

Sol Blaze V145AS
This beyblade is released as a Limited Movie Premium during the screening of the Beyblade Movie "Versus the Sun".

Contents Include:
Clear Blaze FaceBolt
Blaze Clear Wheel
Sol Metal Wheel
Variable 145 Track
Around Sharp Bottom
Instructions & Stickers

Sol Blaze was on my want list as it has "Limited Exclusive" Parts that are available only to itself. The luminious Clear Wheel, the Sol MW, Variable 145 and Around Sharp are all special parts Sol Blaze have.

The Variable 145 Track and Around Sharp Bottom.

V145 is an interchangable track which can change between defence (left) and attack/counter modes (right).

AS is a direct opposite of EWD from Killer Befowl (right). Instead of having a free spinning tip, AS has a free spinning WD ring, this "Around" system also 'tilts' letting the Bey regains its stability when hit.

Of course i will not be doing a Battle Trial on the Bey. perhaps i will when i snatch a second piece. So for now, this limited Bey will be in my showcase XD

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