Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CoroCoro Exclusive Bey - Divine Chimera TR145FB

And the last and personal most anticipated Bey~

CoroCoro Exclusive Bey - Divine Chimera TR145FB!

Contents Include:
Clear Chimera FaceBolt

Chimera Clear Wheel
Divine Metal Wheel
Triple Roller 145 Track
Flat Ball Bottom
Instructions & Stickers

The reason why this Bey is so rare...
It is one of the 2 limited Beys (the other being Sol Blaze V145AS) which have very rare parts exclusive only to itself. Meaning there is no other way to obtain these parts at this moment of time except to own these Beys.
Besides the obvious Clear Wheel, the Divine Metal Wheel, Triple Roller and Flat Ball are special parts any collector/reviewer will wish to have in their collection.
Will test out the parts once set 2 comes in.

The 'Evolution' of the Counter/Defence MW series~
(Left to right) Leone Wheel, Clay Light Wheel, Rock MW, Counter MW and Divine MW.

Great to have Divine Chimera in the collection~

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