Friday, March 18, 2011

Coro Coro Comic April Issue Review

Just got the April edition of Coro Coro Comic~

This issue has little coverage on Beyblade on its cover, so do look out for the small "Ldrago Destroy" pic in the top right corner to avoid buying the wrong issue ya.

This feature for the month, Big Bang Pegasus F:D, Fang Leone 130W2D and Ldrago Destroy F:S all in one fold out page. Feature talks about the 4D system and how the 4D Beys are more stronger and dynamic in both looks and performance.

MetalFight Beyblade 4D will aired in Japan soon every Sunday, 830am.
Also presenting Uniqlo's Beyblade Tshirts, collect all 8 designs!

A full 4 page feature on Big Bang Pegasus F:D!
"The world's number 1 attack type Bey~!"

The 4D system 'Divided Metal Wheel' enables the BigBang Pegasus to change between 4 different modes!

Continual Attack Mode
-With Poly Carbon Wheel exposed and Small Wing in right position, MW switches to Continual Attack design. Continual Jaggered Surface of Pegasis Wings delivers constant attacks!
Upper Attack Mode
-With only Small Wing in right position, a slope wave design is formed, enabling Upper Attack.
Smash Attack Mode
-With PC Wheel exposed to Defence mode and Small Wing on left position, design will push opponent downwards for Smash Attack.
All Round Attack Mode
-With both Main Wing in Upper Attack and Small Wing in Smash Attack modes, the Most Powerful All Round Attack Form is born!

Being 50mm compared to the Galaxy Pegasis 46mm and the new Divided layer MW, making the Big Bang Pegasis the Biggest and Heaviest Pegasis Design Ever!

F:D (Final Drive) has a Gravitational Center Sensor, secret to the 'Auto Change Bottom'
First half of battle (right pic) - when the Gravitational Certer Force is at its max, the 'switch' are activated to extend the SF (Semi Flat) bottom.
Second half of the battle (left pic) - when the GC Force reaches its low, the 'switch' retracts the SF and RF (Rubber Flat) takes over the Final Attack!

Next page features Fang Leone 130W2D
"The cry of the Fang, Counter Mode!"

The new Leone can switch between two Modes by fliping the Divided outer MW.
At Defence Mode the MW reacts like the Rock MW delivering 'perfect defence'.When changed to Counter Mode, the hollow 'Fang' sector is exposed and deflects opponents attack with its powerful Counter Attack~
The New W2D (Wave Wide Defence)
Following the new MW, the evolution of the new bottom W2D!
W2D "Wave Ripple" design has a 0.1mm sharp tip for maximum stamina. The 'Ripple" design adds defence capabilities to the W2D maximizing grip without compromizing speed lag.

The following page features the much enticipated, Ldrago Destroy F:S
"Ldrago Destroy F:S Metal Armor Complete!"

The new Ldrago Destroy unlike its pre model Meteo, is made 80% of Metal!
With its full metal body, the Ldrago can face any direct attacks without bounce back.

The addition of the new Rubber Disk. The new design uses a heavier Rubber design, increasing power absorbing capabilities.

Information on Ldrago Destroy's F:S (Final Stamina) will be released in next month's issue.

Feature on the new 3 tier Changing Bey Beat Lynx will also be up!

BB107 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set featuring a new color, will also be out together with BB105 and BB106 on the 26th of March~

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