Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WBBA Beyta Level 7 Bey - Mercury Anubis 85XF

Part 2 in the package is...

WBBA Beyta Level 7 Bey - Mercury Anubis 85XF

Contents Include:
Clear Anubis FaceBolt

Anubis Clear Wheel
Mercury Metal Wheel
85 Track
Xtreme Flat Bottom
Instructions & Stickers
Level 7 Seal

Anubis Clear Wheel and Mercury Metal Wheel
In the Game Mercury Anubis is the 'evolution' of Vulcan Horuseus.
Thou the two Metal Wheel have totally different functions.

The Vulcan MW is a defence type, typical of its great counter ability, it is often used as an attack type bey combi.
The Mercury MW is an Attack type. Its super low slope design on its two sides hinders opponents attack by performing an 'upper' lift. This follows with a 'hammer' at the end of it, knocking opponents away. A dangerous Attack MW to encounter in a battle.

Mercury Anubis 85XF is also known as the "King of Rare Beys" in Japan for its difficulty in obtaining even after 3 versions of its release.
The first Gold Mercury Anubis is the Top prize for a tournament BeyBattle Royal challenge.
The Second is the Blue Mercury Anubis that is the Beyta Level 7 Prize.
The third is Mercury Anubis Brave Version, which is a CoroCoro Lucky Draw Exclusive.

I guess having one is better than nothing ya.  

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