Tuesday, February 8, 2011

mori's back door news~

WBBA has release some news on its upcoming S3 bey series!

Comfirmed full design of new pagasis complete~
-Big Bang Pegasis F:D (Final:Drive)

New Pending S3 Beys (Final Decision to be made.)
-LDrago Destroy
-Fang Leone

S3 new beys 4D system includes:
Different Material - Metal Clear Wheel Construction
Divided Wheel - Metal Wheel Layer Seperation
Dynamic Move - Change Core, Engine Core, Attack Core
Deep Custom - More Detail in Customization

So far the petition is 70% complete for S3, Keep your fingers crossed ya~


  1. Awesome,could i take your infos giving you credits :) ?

  2. Feel free to reference my humble blog ya~
    Thanks for dropping by.