Monday, February 7, 2011

NDS Game Exclusive Beys~

Collected the stock that came in from Japan yesterday~

NDS Metal Fight Beyblade Games with Exclusive Beys!

First, "Metal Fight Beyblade" NDS Game

Contents Include:
NDS Game
B.P.R. (Bey Point Reader)
Quetzalcoatl Clear Facebolt (V2)
Quetzalcoatl Metal Wheel
90 Low Track
Wide Flat Bottom

Exclusive Pre-HWS Quetzalcoatl 90WF Bey (V2 Gold Edition)

B.P.R. (Bey Point Reader)
Which only comes with this version of the game, enables the player to transfer In-Game BeyBattle points from the game to the Beypointer. Quite interesting but useless as nobody uses it in japan after they switched to the Beypoint Card.

Next, "Metal Fight Beyblade - Bakutan Cyber Pegasis"

Contents Includes:
NDS Game
Cyber Pegasis Clear Facebolt
Cyber Metal Wheel
100 Low Track
Hole Flat Bottom
Instructions & Stickers

Exclusive Cyber Pegasis 100HF Bey

Lastly, "Metal Fight Beyblade - Bakushin Susanoo Shurai!"

Contents Includes:
NDS Game
Susanoo Clear Facebolt
Bakushin Metal Wheel
90 Low Track
Wide Flat Bottom
Instructions & Stickers

Close up on Bakushin Susanoo Parts.
Bakushin MW is painted white and not made of Plastic.
Notice the Bakushin MW slope edges, will definately serve as a good 'Upper Type" attack Bey.

Exclusive Bakushin Susanoo 90WF Bey.

All the Limited Game Exclusive Beys

Now, the only missing Exclusive Game Bey is Counter Leone from the Wii game.
Hope to get it soon ya~

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