Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coro Coro Comic March Issue Review

Got my copy of Coro Coro Comic March Issue today at Kino.

And yes it has the new "BB105 Big Bang Pegasis F:D" smacked right in the center of the cover page~

Comes with a (Shiny) Art Board~ nice!

Fold out page of Big Bang Pegasis.
"Defeated Kerbecs!! Big Bang Pegasis F:D Birth of a Miracle!!"

Bottom half explains two features on the "4D" system.
1)Different Material - Metal Dust added to Clear Wheel to increase durability and weight.
2)Divided Wheel - Metal Wheel section is made out of two metal sections and a Polycarbonate section.

The next page is totally dedicated to the 3rd "D" - Dynamic Movement.

Shows how the Pegasis evolves from Pre-Hybrid Wheel to Galaxy, and how it concentrates on improving its attack from version to version. But Pegasis "weak Point" was never fixed - Stamina.
"Pegasis has always be known for its attacks in a battle, but always gets defeated in the later half due to its lack of stamina. Therefore "Big Bang" was made to counter that weakness!! New Bottom "F:D" makes Pegasis Invincible!!"

Shows how the "F:D" - Final Drive gimmick works:
"Kerbecs being a stamina type, stay centered while Pegasis circles around with Attack movement... Staying out of attack range proves to be a pinch~ if this was the last Pegasis, it will fall into defeat in the last half...


Just when Pegasis is about to loose its attack stamina! The Big Bang Pegasis F bottom transforms automatically and delivers a sudden recovery Circular Attack Motion!!! Its not the wind! Its a Miracle!!! Wooow~ and it easily defeats its opponent when their at their weakest!"

Sound really cool i might say, would have to wait for my sample piece and see it in action before i comment thou~

A Feature on the Second 4D bey is also announced - BB-106 Fang Leone!!!
Revival of Kyoya!!!

Shows that the new Leone MW is made of 2 seperate parts. The layering design of the MW creates a powerful Defence Counter. Detail features will be in next months issue~
Also adds that Kyoya's Rock Leone was one of the Top favourite default amongst Beyblader.

Peeping at the bottom quarter is the 3rd "4D" bey - Ldrago Destroy!!!
Ldrago Destroy system is quite unique, instead of having a regular Clear Wheel, its made of Metal!
And at the bottom, its Rubber Disc! A totally reversed system!!! More info in next issue~ can't wait!

Page featuring the new Mercury Anubis 85XF (still a send in limited, still difficult to get~ oh well)

Some Manga *Spoilers* on how the F:D system defeated Kerbecs, Ryuga defeated Faust and obtained Ldrago Destroy and Damian becoming a good guy and "Revives" the dead!

New Season 3 "Metal Fight Beyblade 4D" continuing after Big Bang appearance in Anime.

Next months issue packs up with more "4D" beys, Fang Leone secret reveal! Ldrago Destroy details! More on "Deep Customisation" and Big Poster of MFB 4D!!!

That ends my long post, hope you enjoyed it~

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