Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BB-99 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS (Asia Release Version)

The "Asia Release Version of BB-99 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS is out in the local stores.

Comparison image of Local Version (Front) and Japan Version (Back)

As you can see, since we do not have the 'Bey Tai Point Card System' in SG the Image of the Point Card description is replaced with bey user Damian Hart.

Either than that, all of its contents are similar in quality and the BeyLaunchers are the same.
(Light Launcher 2 black version)


  1. so the asian release is a fake beyblade

  2. the asia release is not fake it is original why asian version put takara tomy logo on the box

  3. i have one asian version but it has a logo called "new" and the logo of a pegasus picture and two logos of "eddy".my kerbec's colour is also red and the colour of boost disk is yellow.there was no ds tip given in the packet.instead of ds tip there was given three my beyblade is a fake?

  4. @arkadeep007
    yes it is sorry to say

  5. its not fake they just made a new design of box

  6. the original bey has a tara tomy logo and not "new" logo and takara tomy wouldnt dow that design!!!