Friday, May 4, 2012

BBG-08 Pirates Orojya 145D

The 3rd ZeroG Bey arrives~

BBG-08 Pirates Orojya 145D
The Orojya is the first of what believed to be 3 'Water Elemental' Beys following the 3 'Fire Elemental' ones released so far.(Ifraid, Saramanda and Pheonic)

Contents Include:
Metal Stone FaceBolt (Blank) - 5.45g
Pirates Crystal Wheel - 3.86g
Orojya Chromium Wheel - 29.3g
145 Track - 1.48g
Defence Bottom -0.64g
Stickers & Instructions
Orojya Chromium Wheel and Pirates Crystal Wheel

From a first look, it is easy to tell that the Orojya ChW is a Stamina Type metal wheel. This is so because of the Outer Weight distribution design which concentrates most of the metal part on the outer circumference of the ChW. The hollow center portions also means higher recoil.

The Magnetic Mass Distribution Graph shows that the Orojya Chromium Wheel has most of its metal mass situated on the outer limits of its frame. There is also 3 weight saturation points. Do take note when trying to Synchrom with other ChWs.

Weighing at only 29.3g the Orojya ChW is relatively light compared to the Saramanda ChW. 30.76g.

The Full Sychrom Orojya weighs 58.7g.

Chromium Up and Crystal Up Modes

The Pirates CrW is thicker in height and unbalanced  in design. No standard surface but consist of mostly 'Jaggered Surface' that increases 'Repetitive Attack' capabilities. And as usual cannot 'synchrom' with itself due to the longer pegs and lack of a crystal slot.

ZeroG Bey Trial Test

Ran the Pirates Orojya 145D against Synchrom Saramada Ifraid XD to test its Defence and Stamina limits in a Standard ZeroG Attack Stadium.

When launched, the Orojya doesn't move much, in fact it stays in the middle of the Stamina Zone immediately after it was launched.

But when against an opponent, the Pirates Orojya was very high in recoil, moving almost to the edge of the stadium at times. the 145D configuration was able to keep Orojya balanced throughout the high recoil defense.

The 'hidden' Defence Bottom secret

The test trials also revealed a 'hidden' capability the Defence (D) bottom.
The D bottom part enabled the Pirates Orojya to do 'Flank' Attacks! For those whom watched the anime ZeroG will see it in the battle between Samurai Ifraid and Pirate Orojya.   

When the Orojya was pushed to the top edge of the Stadium, the defense outer circumference was able to come in contact with the 'tilted' stadium surface and do a high speed circular motion on the outer top section of the ZeroG stadium.

Then when the stadium stabilizes momentarily, the Pirates Orojya bottom loses traction and slides down into the center, attacking it opponent. Pretty cool effect to watch.

The effect is repeated 4 to 5 times and heavily wearing out the Attack type bey. And since the Orojya stays on the outer section most of the time, the opponent didn't get much contact which made it easy for a Stamina Win for Orojya. Nice.

Overall, the Pirates Orojya 145D is a good enough Stamina performance bey with a decent recoil. The non-fancy 145D track and bottom although normal, performs pretty well in a ZeroG Stadium. It also comes with a Metal FaceBolt (only available on Saramanda and Orojya at the moment). The only set back is the Light Chromium Wheel which makes it easy to get 'thrown' around when opposing heavier opponents. Besides that, the Orojya is a must get for all bladers and Collectors.

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