Friday, May 18, 2012

CoroCoro Comic June Issue Review

This months issue of CoroCoro Comic features Inazuma Go2 on its cover and only has a super micro image of Zero in the middle right edge (beside the '2'). it also comes with a game map and a Pokemon BW2 comic.

A page about possible customs to maximize the gameplay in the ZeroG stadium.
like using Full Synchrom combos with BBG-09 E230GCF.

Also features "Jump to the Moon" combo, Crystal Up Pheonic Pirates M145Q.
This combination make the bey stay off the stadium most of the time as it 'jumps' from surface to walls and on to beys as well!
The "Grand Wheel" combo, Phantom Orion 85XF.
On the first glance, anyone would say that this is a 'suicide' combo as using an 85 Track and XF isn't very recommended because the Metal Wheel will contact the surface of the Stadium. But its this very fact that this Combo uses the rough surface of the lower portion of the Phantom MW to accelerate and balance the Bey in the Stadium. Pretty much like the E230 concept. Go try this Combo out, it pretty cool. 

Also showed an image of the upcoming ZeroG Stadium : Defence Type. Apparently this Clear Green stadium has only one Stadium Out pocket making it more challenging to pocket your opponent. To be release on 19th May 2012.

Introducing ZeroG's first Defense Bey, Guardian Reviza 160SB~

Apparently the Reviza Chromium Wheel is fairly thick and have a mild if not smooth surface with no obvious attack surfaces besides two small gaps on each sides.

The new 160 Track and Sharp Ball Bottom also claims to be the perfect balance counter combination. The 160 height Track is designed to keep the CrW and ChW off the surface even when the Stadium is in Max Tilt. Whereas the SB Bottom is a 'Bullet Head' type design, keeping the balance and tilt level to the minimum by equalizing the Stamina and Defense capabilities of Sharp and Ball Bottoms Types.

A report on the Upcoming legendary 'Dragon' Bey is also reveal! The spirit of the Ldrago is revived in ZeroG~  I wonder who the user is...

According to the Manga corners, the Dark Knight Dragon is the First Left Spin ZeroG bey and will change the whole concept of Battle again.

Here is a sneak peekat the design of the Dark Knight Dragon Chromium Wheel. (this "Gold Dragon" version is not the actual release one, its a prize)

Another look at the Dragon ChW on the limited CoroCoro Exclusive Bey Glyph Dragon SA165WSF (Coro Dragon Model). the Glyph Chromium Wheel belongs to upcoming BBG-12 Shinobi Glyph, to be released in June.


In the comic, Zero Battles Kaito Unabara in a 'Grand Ocean Stadium'. Its basically a ZeroG stadium floating on water! I think i might try that one day at a Pool or something. LOL

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