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BBG-10 Guardian Revizer 160SB

the second Water-based Elemental Bey

BBG-10 Guardian Revizer 160SB
Belongs to Eto Unabara's brother, Kaito (Kite). the Guardian Revizer is an all round Defense type bey, first in the ZeroG series.

Contents Include:
Stone FaceBolt (Clear) -1.23g
Guardian Crystal Wheel - 4.12g
Revizer Chromium Wheel - 30.51
160 Track - 2.15g
Sharp Ball Bottom - 0.60g
ZeroG Compact Launcher w/ Ripcord
Stickers & Instructions

Guardian Crystal Wheel and Revizer Chromium Wheel

The Guardian is a rather light and rounded Crystal Wheel and have a 'Shield' design motif on it. It is also shaped like the Chromium Wheel to support the overall balance of the Bey. The outer circumference of the  Guardian CrW has little wave designs that supports as defense fins.

The Revizer Chromium Wheel is a very all rounded ChW with a very tall defense 'Wall' around its circumference. With only two small openings on each of the sides of the ChW, the Reviser has almost no point of Attack or Stamina down points against an Attack type opponent.

From the side, the 'Wall' of the Revizer is almost smooth and have no points to deteriorate its spin ratio besides the two small gaps. The 'Wall' is also very high and prevents smash attacks from opponents.

The Magnetic Mass Saturation Graph  shows that the Revizer has a 'Ring' type weight saturation pattern. The inner ring and outer ring. This unique design, pockets a gap between the two areas and as seen in previous Defense types, this also means that the Revizer ChW possess a high Recoil.

The Revizer Chromium Wheel weighs approximately  -30.51g

A Full Sychrom Revizer weighs aprx -60.75g 

and the Full Water Elemental Sychrom, Orojya Revizer weighs -59.81g

Chrome Up and Crystal Up modes

160 Track and Sharp Ball Bottom

Unique to the Guardian Revizer, it comes with a 160 height track. Here you can see the comparison between the 230 and 160, only at almost 3/4 of the height of the 230.

Also unique to the Bey, a new Defense Bottom, the Sharp Ball (SB). I call it the "Bullet-head" as it resembles a bullet round tip. The SB when compared to the previous Ball Sharp (BS) seems not much of a difference.but the Tilt ratio of the Sharp Ball is higher compare to the other.

The 'Magic' behind the Perfect Balance Counter Capability
For those whom have been following the CoroCoro posts would have seen the sneak peek of the Revizer's "Perfect Balance Counter" feature. This feature enables the Guardian Revizer seem 'Stationary' in the ZeroG stadium even in high tilt angles.

When the ZeroG Stadium is in stationary status, the Guardian Revizer stay in its absolute center with little to no movement at all.

When the ZeroG Stadium is forcefully tilted (in this case by hand), the Revizer just seem to keep in the center gravitational bottom of the Stadium. Pretty nice effect, almost seem like magic.
Here is the actual "Magic"...

The design of the Guardian Revizer together with the special 160 Track and SB Bottom allows the Bey to have a 'Perfect' right angle spin point where the balance is in the center of the Bey.

No matter how high the Tilt, the combination of the 160 Track and the high angle tilt Sharp Ball Bottom, the Bey will always have a allowance angle without it Crystal or Chromium Wheel contacting the Stadium surface. This helps the Bey to keep its Centrifugal force and Spin Ratio.
Thats how its done :)

Battle Trials

As much as the 'Perfect Balance Counter' is being perfect, the High Recoil of the Revizer has its weakness. Battled the Guardian Revizer 160SB with Sychrom Orojya 145WD and here are the findings.

The High Recoil of the Revizer ChW, gave no chance of recovery when it was unable to obtain absolute center. Because the "Perfect Balance Counter" required the Revizer to be in the center of the Stadium, the Bey was unable to do any maneuver movement around the tilting stadium. 

With the Full Sychrom Orojya staying put in the center, it was just only time that the High Recoil of the Revizer knocked itself out of the pocket.Not very good.

Overall, the Guardian Revizer 160SB is an interesting Defence Bey with an unique 90 degrees right angle spin point design to max out Balance in the ZeroG Stadium. But the High Recoil of the Revizer Chromium Wheel sort of demolished the effect as it could not work together well with the 160 Track and SB Bottom. Even so, the Guardian Revizer is a must have for its Defence Capabilities and also the Balance Parts. 

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  1. Nice article. One thing I nitpick is that. The recoil from reviser comes from the imbalance in the wheel. (Despite what the package says derp derp) All Zero-G beyblade has some sort of imbalance due to the design of the emblem and such. In fact MSF Reviser Reviser E230RS is the best defense type beyblade released currently. I really enjoy these articles; however I wish they would focus on synchrom performance aswell as the regular preformance.