Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pegasus Leone Rev Up Launcher VS Set

Not in the official release series of Beyblade Stadium Sets

Pegasus Leone Rev Up Launcher Versus Set!
Got this at the recent Beyblade World Championship Qualifiers Event at United Square Novena. Yes i fnally won something thru playing beyblade. This time round it wasn't pitting my lousy skill at the Open Catagory, but thru a Gladiator Challenge, where i was to versus 3 of the best ambassadors of STT SG.
Nonetheless, i was lucky, nothing to do with skills or customizations. lol. On with the review.

Contents Include:
Standard Attack BeyStadium (Light Blue with Pegasus Logo)
2 x Rev Up Launcher (Black and White)

Clear FaceBolts (both blank)
Pegasus 3 Clear Wheel
Big Bang 4D three tier Metal Wheel System (Fire Red)
Final Drive 4d Fusion Track/Bottom
Leone 2 Clear Wheel   
Fang 4D two tier Metal Wheel System (Gun Metal Black)
130 Track
Wide Wave Defence Bottom
Stadium Guard
Stickers & Instructions

The highlight of this Stadium Set has to be the Rev Up Launchers.
Intially introduced by Hasbro USA, the Rev Up Launcher made its popularity online quickly due to its proven high Revolution Per Minute (RPM) levels, almost double to triple a normal Beylauncher speed.

Fits with the conventional Bey Launcher Grip handles (Left or Right handed)
Unlike the Beylauncher which depends mostly on torque of the ripcord, the Rev Up works more on the momentumn of the charging gear within its body, so strength is not needed when pulling the Ripcord.

After loading the Bey in the usual catch hooks, the Blader is required to 'Charge' the Bey, this is done so by pulling the ripcord 'LIGHTLY' 3/4 of the full string length, Releasing it back and Repeat again. In the advice tutorial, the Blader is reccomended to pul the 'Charge' upon the "3,2,1, Go" count 4 times.

To Launch, SHARPLY press down the buttom beside the Spin Gauge, the charged Bey should drop from the launcher. Sounds easy? this launcher takes a few hours to get used to due to its low need for speed and torque when pulling the ripcord. Conventional users will find themselves over pulling, or pulling the ripcord too fast causing the gears in the Rev Up Launcher to 'Crack' badly normally resulting in a pre-charged bad launch or late launch. So a little warning for those who wants to use this for competitions, PRACTICE until you can do a 100% perfect launch according to the (charge, charge, charge, Charge - Launch) techique in line with the (3,2,1 Go - Shoot)

Overall, the recolored BigBang Pegasus and Fang Leone are great additions to any collectors stash. The Rev Up Launchers are cool but not reccomended for Bladers who are 'Power Launchers', will be better for Newer and Younger Bladers as they are less agressive and strong. Either than that, it takes some practice to ba able to use this for any tournaments. The Set is a good to have but not a must to get.


  1. I used to play beyblade when i was in Junior HS. I miss being kids with all of the memories.

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  2. j LOVE beyblades but i cant find the rev-up launcher anywhere and i really want one so can someone tell me where i can find one please