Monday, March 19, 2012

CoroCoro Comic April Issue Review (Part 1)

This issue of CoroCoro Comic April~

Has a small image of the new Beyblade ZeroG , kurogane zero at the bottom and also comes with an extra comic book and 3DS cards freebie.

This Issue of CoroCoro also comes with new information about the upcoming MetalFight Beyblade Zero G series. 

Different from the usual pages, it comes as a folded poster~!
"The Main Duo's Beyblades!" New battle styles~

New lead character after Hagane Ginga, Kurogane Zero! His new Bey - Samurai Ifraid W145CF~

And the other main character and also Zero's Team member in the future, Karyuin Shinobu. His Bey, Shinobi Salamander SW145SD~

Reviews abit on the motif of this season's beys, which is myth creatures, hopefully they will bring back Dragoon, Dranzer....and old gen bey motifs ya.

It also features the new parts needed to fully match the new Zero G BeyStadium Battle capabilities - the Circle Flat (CF). Which makes use of Two contact points to accelerate and stablize in the new 'moving' stadium.

Components of the new Beys are also reviewed. The naming for the Bey parts for this season are a little different from the past, the
FaceBolt  = 'Stone Face'
Metal Wheel = 'Chrome Wheel'
Clear Wheel = 'Crystal Wheel'.
Track and Bottoms still remain unchanged for now.

As for the new Beys, mode changing are also different from the 4D generation. ZeroG beys are double sided, so that means, mode changing requires the Chrome and Crystal Wheel System Combo to be simply flipped over. no more twisting and turning for now.

Something new from this series would have to be its 'SynChrom' Combination. Yes, two Chrome Wheels from two different Beys can be combined together to make a Full Metal 'Chrome Wheel Combi', that is like going to open bey metal wheel combinations to a new level again, great news for all customizers!

The other side of the poster, reviews on the New Zero G BeyStadium~

Unlike the previous gen's stationary Battle Bowl, the new Stadium Tilts and Rotates around during a battle.

The Stadum Out factor are '3 pockets' this time round and unbalanced beys will be 'tilted' out of the Stadium via these 3 pockets if not careful.

A few pages down, a page on the upcoming Zero G Anime is introduced. Starting on the 8 of April 2012, the new Beyblade anime happens 7 years after the nemesis event and revolves around a countryside blader Kurogane Zero, finding its way of blading after arriving at the modern city. (a little spoiler: you still get to see 4D bladers in this season thou, and one of it is the shopkeeper!)

The CG artwork of the Samurai Ifraid and its mode change is also released. Look pretty neat ya?

Also introduce abit on the sub lead, Karyuin Shinobu and other side characters and the 3rd new bey design~
Will sure be looking forward to this new series and review all the new beys of this season!

Up in my next post, a short review on the 1st chapter of the Zero G comic version~  


  1. Wow, this is great mori.m! Though, the other sub-leads of the Zero-G anime, I know who Zero and Shinobu are, but what about the other two guys. What are their names and which is which, if you can answer this please?

    I also can't wait for the review of the Zero-G manga! I really can't wait mori.m you're the best! However, what is the exact name of the first Zero-G manga chapter, that would help very much if you can tell me. Also, when you review the manga, can you make scans of each individual page please? Like this,

    Anyway can't wait and thanks in advance mori.m!! :D

  2. Thanks for the visit :)
    Currently the CoroCoro Comic did not mention about the other two bladers neither did they appeared in the manga yet. I will review them when their characters are more complete.

    As for the Chapter Name, the manga will only be out on 28 March, the CoroCoro have no chapter name stated yet.

    As much as i want to make scans, only FULL translated redition of scandations are allowed. meaning as long i do not dub over the jap text, i am NOT allowed to post original scans from Japanese CoroCoro without licence. Please understand.
    Thank you.