Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BB-124 Kries Cygnus 145WD

BB-124 Kries Cygnus 145WD
Finally a Bey with a 'rotational' Metal Wheel? Or is it?

Contents Include:
FaceBolt (Blank)
Cygnus Clear Wheel
Kries 2 Tier 4D Metal Wheel
145 Track
Wide Defence Bottom
Light Launcher 2 with Ripcord (Black)
Stickers & Instructions

Kries Metal Wheel

The Kries MW is a 2 Tier interswitchable MW with a 'Semi-Rotating' Outer Metal Ring. Yes, it is NOT a Free Spinning Outer Ring. (Much dissapointment i might say.) Instead the Outer Metal Ring in Defence Mode delivers an 'Absorb and Push' function upon an attack from the opponent.

When in Attack Mode, the Kries Outer MW locks into place creating a solid 'Bowl-like' MW.

Its down slope MW surface pushes opponents MW downwards when in battle, making it a very effective de-stablizer MW. the heavy Outer MW also handles Attacks very well with little impact and acceptable Recoil.

The Kries MW when set in Defence Mode, has a small gap between the contacts of the Outer and Inner MW, When an oncoming force hits the Outer MW, the Shock will be 'Absorbed' by the MW.

The Outer Metal Ring is also able to 'Push' away Side Attacks by rotating 90 degrees when encountering an attack off the center position. Outer MW 'Absorbs the attack, and 'Pushes' the Bey's Force to the side, thus Evading any attack. (Sounds very 'Tai Chi' if you ask me.)

Sounds pretty impressive in theory ya? Let see if it works in Battle Runs.

Run some Battle Test Runs in a Standard Attack BeyStadium with Death Quetzacolt 145WD.

And when in Max Rotational Force, the Kries MW did have come effect in 'pushing' away an attack, it also takes oncoming Attacks pretty well will little to no Recoil.

But the Trashing begins when its Rotational Force drops, the effects of the Kries MW soon dies with low spin ratio and Recoils becomes very high, and it also loses Spin Ratio greatly, losing out in Stamina :(

Was pretty much impressed that the 'Absorb and Push' Effect worked but sadly it did not last throughout the whole battle. I would say that it is highly recommended against Attack based Beys which are naturally low in Stamina to wear out their Attack Speed, but NOT against Stamina Beys with 'Bearing Drives'.

The Kries MW in overall would be a useful addition to the Defence MW Family but lacks greatly in Stamina when in Defence Mode. Would be nice if the MW was a fully rotational one but that might compromise its 'Absorb' Capabilities. Overall Kries Cygnus is a nice Bey to have if you are up with High Attack Beys if not, a must have for Collectors ya~

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