Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CoroCoro Comic December Issue Review

The much anticipated issue of CoroCoro... Is here (ok, i am slow lol)

This issue has once again little coverage on Beyblade on its cover.
only a small image of Ginga on the bottom left corner, so do take note.

The reason why this issue is quite 'hot'? It features the much awaited sneek review of the new Diablos Nemesis bey! "The Completion of the Diablos Nemesis!" "All Beys fused into one!"

The Diablo is a complex 2-tier interchangable 4D Metal Wheel with no symetrical surface. This means the attribute of this MW is pretty much unpredictable since no surface area is the same!

There are 14 Bey "attributes" in the Diablo Nemesis CW/MW alone!

the Nemesis CW fuses "Jade Jupiter, Dio Uranus and XXX Signus (new bey)" = 3

the Diablo MW top tier fuses parts from "Beat Lynx, Fang Leone and Phantom Orion" = 3

the lower MW tier fuses parts from "Ldrago Destroy, BigBang Pegasis, Variares, Flame Sagitario, Scythe Kronos, XXXHades (rbv9), Blitz Unicorno and Death Quetzalcoat. = 8

All together 14 Beys!!! No details about its 4D Track and Bottom is released yet thou. It will be feature in next month's issue. Hope that it will be a gimmick part~

The new Duo Uranus 230WD is also featured.

The Duo MW is a 2-tier Counter Weight shift Metal Wheel. Basically the Duo MW can interchange between 2 modes. 

in Stamina Mode, the top tier of the Duo MW is aligned perfectly with its lower MW, creating a solid 2 layer MW with equal weight distribution.
in Attack mode, the top MW is slightly shifted outwards on one side of the MW, creating a weight shift effect like the Basalt MW. Due to the mono sided weight the MW will cause the Bey to move around in the Stadium instead of staying in the Center like the Stamina Mode.

Will review more once the DX Ultimate Reshuffle Set set arrive~  

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