Tuesday, September 27, 2011

BB-118 Phantom Orion B:D

The long awaited "bearing system" is finally re-invented~!

BB-118 Phantom Orion Bearing Drive (B:D)
The Phantom Orion B:D is the Only 4D bey that uses a Ball Bearing Shaft in its Fusion Track/Bottom.

Contents Includes:
FaceBolt (Blank)
Orion Clear Wheel
Phantom 4D Metal Wheel
Bearing Drive 4D Fusion Track/Bottom
Light Launcher 2 (Black) with Rip Cord
Stickers & Instructions

The Phantom 4D Metal Wheel consist of a 2 piece system that allows the Metal Wheel ring to flip between 2 modes:

The Stamina Mode
Only revealing its gradual slope surface, the Phantom in Stamina Mode minimises critical friction between Metal Wheels during a battle. Spin ratio damage minimised = Stamina Up!

The Attack Mode 
In Attack Mode, the Phantom MW inverts into a Jaggered surfaced form that inflicts damage to the opponent upon contact. Stamina Mode surface allows Smash Attack to lower opponents.

The Phantom MW is also the Only Metal Wheel that has a full External Weight Distribution design. This means that All the weight of the MW is concentrated only in the outer circumference of the MW, similiar to the Scythe MW but better in performance.

The long awaited part in the history of beyblades is finally here, the Bearing Drive!

The B:D is basically a Free Spinning WD but with a Ball Bearing Core is in the shaft to minimise surface friction that will reduce much needed stamina in a battle. The Bearing Drive also ables the Phantom Orion to recover from attacks with minimum spin ratio loss by absorbing its damage into its free spinning WD bottom.

Trial Tests
To test the Stamina Capabilites of the Phantom Orion B:D, the bey is put thru a stamina test in a standard attack stadium and timed. Results are as follows:
Test 1 - 4mins 23seconds
Test 2 - 5mins 12seconds
Test 3 - 6mins 59seconds

The best timing recieved was only 6mins 59seconds, yes it is pretty long out of the box but i have seen better reviews with 8minute to 9minute results.

During the trial, a ratttle sound was noted, it is caused by the wobbling of the inner shaft. To make things worst the top end of the Bearing Drive is a Flat Contact Surface that actually comes in contact with the inner shaft surface degrading its free spinning ratio greatly. Since modifications are NOT allowed in bey competitions, the only option is to season the part as much as one could. But that will also means launching the bey many times and the constant impact to the bearing might damage the part before you even season it...so how to one season  the bearing effectively without damaging the part?

So here is the "How To" section that many fellow bladers have been asking.

First prepare a small strip of cardboard, some blutack and your B:D.

Cut 2 small slits 1/3 into the center of the strip of cardboard and fold to create a "Fin".
Yes, we are basically making a propeller that uses wind power to drive the bearing to turn.

Next attach the fin to the B:D by using the Blutack.

Attach new B:D wind propeller near a fan or wind source and its done. Just leave the part to 'season' for a day or so before applying a drop of mineral oil and repeat process till you are satisfied with the results.

Overall the Phantom Orion B:D is without a doubt the best designed 4D bey with the most longest stamina. Although there are some setbacks on the Bearing Drive System, it can be retified with some 'seasoning'. Since the Phantom Orion is the Only Bey with a Ball Bearing system, it makes this bey a must have to any blader and collector. So get yours today ya~  


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  2. Very good review; i´m not a member of any forum or so, but i must say that the info and solutions here are really REAL and accurate, not like WBO and other ridiculous webs who keeps more than 30 pages answering the 7 minutes spin?!?!...really i think many people stays more time at the computer than playing and learnin´to shoot, anyway is a waste time trying to read some interesting if not a words-fight.

    The infamous B:D is an interesting but delicate part, your solution as by far one of the best i´ve found.

    I only want to say that the MW itself is one of the best stamina-defense part till now; making combos wiht it is very pleasent and much, much interesting thasn the B:D, inmho.

    Salute and keep on rockin´!!!!!

  3. please update the parts and please post as soon as you could if a new product comes out

  4. I lol'ed hard at the propeller, really ingenious. Was using daiso erasers till I saw this.

  5. I just love how you say " Since modifications are NOT allowed in bey competitions." then you say "Just leave the part to 'season' for a day or so before applying a drop of mineral oil"..... you're not allowed to add any substance to the beyblade that would affect the beyblade's performance.... that includes lubricants.... wow dude.... just wow.... :P calling it "seasoning" wont change the fact that it's modified....

  6. i just tried it but does it have to be mineral oil or can it be any oil