Monday, August 22, 2011

BB-117 Strongest Blader Set - Blitz Unicorno 100RSF

The latest edition of the Unicorno came as a set~

BB-117 Strongest Blader Set - Blitz Unicorno 100RSF

Contents Include:
FaceBolt (Blank)
Unicorno 2 Clear Wheel
Rex Clear Wheel
Horogium Clear Wheel
Blitz 4D Metal Wheel
Nighmare Metal Wheel
Basalt Metal Wheel
100 Track
Upper Wing 145 Track
130 Track
Rubber Semi Flat Bottom
Eternal Wide Defence Bottom
Rubber Sharp Bottom
Metal Face 2 with Tool (Neon Orange)
Stickers & Instructions

Yes, the Set is bundled with a Limited CW.MW from Game Premium Bey Nightmare Rex UW145EWD and Recolored Basalt Horogium 130RS.

The highlight of this set would definately be the New 4D Bey Blitz Unicorno 100RSF.

The Blitz 4D Metal Wheel System consist of  2-tier inter-switchable MWs.

In Attack Mode, the Blitz MW has 3 Attack Fins with a big gap in between each of them, this design allows maximum upper and smash capabilities when in contact with another opponents MW.

In Repeative Attack Mode, the Blitz MW increases its Attack Fins to 6 with smaller gaps in between each fin this time round. The design of this Mode is similar to the Dark MW. Although, this mode do not deal much attack damage to the opponent, it degrades the opponents spin ratio and balance greatly if contacted .

Bey Test Trials

In the effort to test the new Blitz rumored super attack capabilities.

It will be put in a Trial with Defence Heavy Weight Bey Basalt Kerbecs DB145CS (Mooncake : Attack ver.) in a Standard Attack Bey Stadium.

Results were less impressive.
Blitz: 0:Win = 0:StaOut 0:SlpOut
Moon: 3Win = 1:StaOut 2:SlpOut

The Blitz Unicorno 100RSF was not able to withstand the defence capabilities of the BD145 and CS stamina, resulting in either a Stadium Out or Sleep Out.

Re-entry Modification

If any remembered, BB-107 Big Bang Pegasis DX Set came with a set of extra Track and Bottom set.
In particular, a cosmic green 85 Track and XF. Added the combi to replace the 100 Track and RSF Bottom and also replaced the FaceBolt with MF2-Heavy. 
Re-Trialed Blitz Unicorno 85XF with the Mooncake again.

Results were astonishing.
Blitz: 3:Win = 3:StaOut 0:SlpOut
Moon: 0:Win = 0:StaOut 0:SlpOut

The new combi proves to be able to tackle the BD145 Defence System and Basalts Weight. The trials also prove that the Blitz Attack Fins are quite deadly when put under some serious speed and low Track assist. It will not be surprising that it could perfom even better with a seasoned RB from Jade Jupiter or R2F.

Overall, the Blitz Unicorno 100RSF has a great New Attack MW but lack a good Track and Bottom to boost its Attack functions. But in general, it is a good attack type and a great addition to the Unicorno Upgrade. (changed the FaceBolt to Limited Event Premium Emerald Unicorno Face~)

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