Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WBBA Event Special: Fang Leone W105R²F Burning Claw Ver.

New addition to the Limited Exclusive Bey Collection~

WBBA Event Special Exclusive: Fang Leone W105R²F Burning Claw Ver.

Contents Include:
Leone FaceBolt
Leone Clear Wheel
Fang 4D 2Tier Metal Wheel
Wing 105 Track
Right Rubber Flat Bottom
Stickers & Instructions

This Recolored Burnng Claw version of the Fang Leone is released in Japan as a Limited Shop Event Premium, simliar to the Bakushin Susanow Eclipse Ver. Recolored parts include a clear Red CW and a Metallic Red Fang 4D MW. In addition, the Fang Leone original 130 Track and W²D is replaced with W105 Track and R²F Bottom. The modification changes the Fang Leone into an aggressive Attack Type Bey configuration.

My personal favorite in this edition would be its Gold imprinted Leone FaceBolt. Since the original Fang Leone does not come with a printed FaceBolt, it sure adds to the collection well~

Overall, the WBBA Event Special Exclusive Fang Leone W105R²F Burning Claw Ver. is not a must have but its definately a very nicely recolored rendition of the original. Do not forsee using it in any battles thou. lol

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