Friday, June 3, 2011

CoroCoro Comic Exclusive Bey - Mercury Anubis 85XF (Brave Ver.)

This came in today~

Coro Coro Comic Exclusive Bey - Mercury Anubis 85XF (Brave Version)
This is actually a re-color version of the original Beyta level 7 prize blue Anubis. And it comes in the form of a Coro Coro Subscriber sent-in premium present.

Contents Include:
Anubis Clear FaceBolt
Anubis Clear Wheel
Mercury Metal Wheel
85 Track
Extreme Flat Bottom
Instructions and Stickers

Actually didn't want to add this re-color version to my collection as afterall i already have the original Beyta version. But there is something about this bey that i didn't know... besides its re-colored parts and MW. The Brave Anubis also has another secret up its sleeves. (Will release it on a later update) XD

Nonetheless, the re-color version is actually very nicely done up. So another Anubis version up~ 

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