Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 Beyta Level 10 Prize Bey - Mercury Anubis 85XF (Legend Ver.)

A small package dropped by...

2011 Beyta Level 10 Prize Bey - Mercury Anubis 85XF (Legend Version)
As the name suggest, this limited prize bey can only be obtained by accumilating a Level 10 bey point on the Bey Point Card used on the Beyta Machine. Roughly around 120000pts.

Contents Include:
Anubis FaceBolt
Anubis Clear Wheel
Mercury Metal Wheel
85 Track
Extreme Flat Bottom
Prize Ticket
Stickers & Instructions
Level 10 Seal (Not in image*)

The Level 10 Prize Anubis or a.k.a. Yuuki's Bey is a re-colored version of the original Mercury Anubis which was the Level 7 Prize Bey back in 2010. I have no idea why they decided to make the Level 10 Prize in 2011 to be another Mercury Anubis, in my opinion its not very worth the effort. 120000pts is no joke ya.

So 3 Mercury Anubis in the collection, the only one missing from the family is the Gold Version which was a top prize for the S2 Bey Trials in Japan last year. But i guess, 3 is enough~ 

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