Saturday, May 14, 2011

CoroCoro Comic June Issue Review~

Finally recieved the much anticipated corocoro comic June issue~

This issue has Big Ldrago Destroy Gold Armored Ver. smacked at the bottom left of the cover, do take note when purchasing your copy.

First up is a fold open poster page of the New CoroCoro Limited Exclusive Bey, Ldrago Destroy (Gold Armored Ver.)

Behind is a 3 page review on this limited bey and exclusive parts!

Besides being All Gold in color, this Limited Ldrago Destroy comes with a different set of Track and Bottom. Instead of the original F:S (Final Survive) the Gold Ldrago come with 'Down Force 105 Track' and 'Left Rubber Flat Bottom' parts. Not so limited as you can get those parts from BB-98 Ultimate Reshuffle Set Ldrago Ver. But hey, its in Clear Black~

If that is not good enough, perhaps a Super Exclusive Metal FaceBolt? A New design of the Ldrago is imprinted into the Metal Facebolt. The New Ldrago FaceBolt is also heavier than the original MetalFace 1 FaceBolt made at 5grams~ (MF1 = 4.64g)

Next Up, The New Legend Bey! Scythe Khronos T125EDS~!!!
"Takes No Damage!? Indestructable Defence!!" "Double Free Spinning Parts!?"

The Scythe Metal Wheel Consist of a Large Free Spinning Poly Carbonate Defence Ring on top of a very thin Metal wheel Core. Probably the thinnest MW so far.

When attacked by an opponent the Scythe MW's PC Free Spinning Defence Ring takes the Attack and Disperse its force! The process also retains its Balance. Scythe MW spin ratio Stamina UP! Also featured in the page is Legend Blader, Aguma. User of the Scythe Khronos. 

A New Bottom is also introduced with Scythe Khronos, the Eternal Defence Sharp Bottom!
Following its previous Defence Sharp (DS) Bottom, the EDS retains highest defence and stamina capabilities. The Free Spinning Sharp prevents any lagging of the spin ratio from opponent's Attacks.
The Combination of the Two "Free Spinning" Parts of the Scythe Khronos makes the Bey 'Non-reactive' to Attacks!

Will be looking forward to test out this Bey when it comes, thou i am a little doubtful about the 'Free Spinning" PC Ring. I would have thought a "Free Spinning" Metal Wheel would be much more efficient. Well, perhaps I am wrong. Really hope that Scythe Khronos will perform like the "zombie Bey" from the past series.

The next page reviews the New Beyta Level 10 Prize Bey~ Mercury Anubis 85XF Legend Version.
After last seasons level 7 prize release collection, WBBA revamped the Beyta prize throphies~
Level 2 - Limited Green Pegasis FaceBolt
Level 5 - Bronze FaceBolt
Level 7 - Silver FaceBolt
Level 10 - Gold FaceBolt and Mercury Anubis 85XF Legend Ver.

Last but not least, a sneak peek at yet another Legend Bey~
"No Evolved Bey posesses a Shape like this Bey!
"War Rheasus?" "Warrior Rez?" "Vari Ares?" The name of the New Bey is pretty difficult to translate even when you know Jap.

This Bey is Not the Regular Circular shaped Bey types but pretty Hexagonal. Another exclusive thing about this Bey would be its ability to spin Both Left and Right! Looks like theres not only one LR spinning Bey anymore~
From the Image, the Bey seem to be similar to the Ldrago Destroy Metal "Clear Wheel" Making it another Heavy Attacker Bey.

Here we see the new LR Bey beating the original LR Rotation Bey Gravity Perseus.
More on this new Bey will be release in next months CoroCoro July~

Looks like the 4D Legend Beys are finally picking up. Next Issue also will feature the much anticipated Remote Control Beys. Sure looking foreard to that ya~


  1. May i know where you order the corocoro comics?

  2. If you are in Singapore, you can purchase your copy at Takashimaya Kinokuniya Bookstore or Liang Court Kinokuniya Bookstore at sgd$13.40

  3. The LR spinning bey IS call 'Vari Ares'.Well,lokks alot like it. And thx for posting this blog site on BBSG.

  4. @mori.m if i go takashimaya buy do i need subscribe or just like this buy will there be any gifts?

  5. Can you please do "scans" of the manga? especially this month's issue. That would be AWESOME. Decent photographs are also acceptable.

  6. Wasn't there an announcement of the new Pokemon game in the June issue of CoroCoro?