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BB113 - Scythe Kronos T125EDS

Arrival of latest released...

BB113 - Scythe Kronos T125EDS~
Released on the 18th of June, Scythe Kronos is the 5th 4D bey after Ldrago Destroy and Beat Lynx.

Contents Include:
FaceBolt (Blank)
Kronos Clear Wheel
Scythe 4D Metal Wheel (PC Spin Ring)

Tornado 125 Track
Eternal Defence Sharp Bottom
Light Launcher 2 with Ripcord
Stickers & Instructions

The highlight of Scythe Kronos is basically its 4D MW and Performance Bottom.

The 4D Metal Wheel System "Scythe" consist of 2 parts, The main Metal Wheel Disc and the PolyCarbonate Spin Ring. The Free Spinning PC ring can be Flipped and Fixed in position by locking the lock pin in place with the slot in the MW.

The Scythe MW as thin as it is, weighs 39.50grams (Hell MW weighs around 39.57grams.) So it is not actually light as foreseen.

The Scythe MW also has a very well centerfugel weight distribution, similar to the Burn MW where the MW weight is evenly distributed along the out circumference of the MW. And since Scythe MW has no hollow spaces in between its core and the outer circumference, there is almost no recoil unlike the Burn MW.

Scythe MW also has a higher Track mount. This means that the MW actually covers a certain level of the Track. (like Gravity MW, Libra MW) This allows Tracks like Boost Disk 145 to "merge" to the MW even in Normal Mode configuration!

The Eternal Defence Sharp Bottom is basically Defence Sharp with a Free Spinning Center. Although said so, the EDS actually looks and performs more like a Flat Sharp (FS) when compared to its fellow Free Spinning Performance Bottoms. Similar to the EWD, EDS performs better when seasoned to some level.

Beyblade Test Trials
Average of 3 attempts.
Default Configurations in Standard Attack Stadium with LR Beylauncher.

(1st: 5:22 / 2nd: 5:14 / 3rd: 5:31)
Known for its super long Stamina even in default setup, the Scythe Kronos lived up to its name holding a Spin Ratio of at least 5mins. (Even with my low RPS shooting) 

To push the Trials a little higher, I retested the Scythe with a full stamina combo setting.
(MF2 Light, Phoenix CW, Scythe MW, BD145 and MS) nicknamed: "CD"


(1st: 8:11 / 2nd: 8:10 / 3rd: 8:14)
I guess the results speaks for itself ya. With the CD hitting a spin ratio time of 8mins on average. Looks like a new Stamina type is going to steal the stamina ranks soon.

Overall, the Scythe Kronos is a must buy for all Stamina type players. Not only the MW is well made for Stamina, its PC spin Ring when in Attack Mode can deal quite a damage when used with a Low Track. The Bad points are that the EDS has some production problem and users might experience that the sharp point on the EDS is not Center, causing the Bey to wobble. And on the cosmetic side, the FaceBolt is not printed. Either than that the Scythe Kronos is a Great collection to have. 

Since I know fans will start spamming questions about using other beys PCs on the Scythe MW. Let me do a layout for you guys ya.

With Big Bang Pegasis PC Switch Ring (Free Spinning)

With Beat Lynx PC Switch Ring (Fixed, non Free Spinning)


With Ldrago Destroy MW (Yes, it can be fitted, but its a Forb, so don't bother.)

have fun ya~

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