Sunday, May 1, 2011

BB-109 Random Booster Vol.7 - Beat Lynx TH170WD

Always hunting for the Rare Bey and Parts in Random Boosters?
Well, not anymore because...

BB-109 Random Booster Vol.7 Beys are ALL RARE!!!
This special Random Booster is also known as the Rare Bey Series in Japan. It composes of parts from Game Premiums, Reshuffle Sets, Past Random Rare Premiums, Stadium Exclusive Bey...

Bey line up in this volume includes:

Gravity Perseus (Attack Ver.) BD145XF
Hell Horuseus 85RS
Vulcan Herculeo 130DS

Gravity Perseus (Stamina Ver.) 85DS
Tornado Horuseus 130RSF
Hell Herculeo 100XF
Vulcan Horogium BD145RS

and the Super Rare of this RBV...

BB-109 Beat Lynx TH170WD

Contents Include:
Lynx FaceBolt
Lynx Clear Wheel
Beat 2 part 4D Metal Wheel (PC and Metal)
Triple Height 170
Wide Defence
Stickers & Instructions

The Beat MW consist if a Poly Carbonate switch ring and a single layer Metal Wheel.
The PC switch ring enables the Beat MW to change between two modes:

Attack Mode: in this mode, the PC ring is fixed in within the MW, the 'ears' are exposed and creates a defined attacking point around the Beat Metal Wheel. While the 'Shield' portion of the act as a defensive protection, the 'Ears' enables a spike attack on the opponent when attacked.

Defence Mode: in this mode, the PC ring is switched and this time covering the Attacking 'Ears' of the Beat MW creating a 360 degrees Defence MW. The hollow parts where the PC ring was becomes "Counter Pockets" similar to BB-106 Fang Leone Counter Mode. This Counter Pockets allows maximum recoil against attacking opponents.

TH170 or Triple Height 170 is an exclusive rare part to Beat Lynx. As the name suggests, Triple Height 170 has 3 variable Heights to change from 170, 195 and 220. TH170 is sort of like an Evolution of Season 1 Change 120 (CH120).

Apparently the 3 Heights are to counter the 3 different range types of Beys.

170 is designed to unstablised High Beys like Flame Byxis 230WD

195 is able to counter Mid Range Beys like Hell Kerbecs BD145DS by attacking the opponent from top of their MWs.

220 is for avoiding direct MW contact from Low Attackers like Screw Capricorne 90MF, enabling similar capabilities as Flame Byxis Axle Theory.

Overall, the Beat Lynx TH170WD is what would be known as the Ultimate Balance Bey, not only does it have Attacking and Defence capabilities, it also can change Height to counter various opponent Beys. Kind of a 'One Bey has it All' type of Bey. Wouldn't say that its the best bey to use and the PC switch ring seems fragile but that aside, Beat Lynx TH170WD is definately a must have in any collection.
Even so, this Random Booster Volume is already worth by itself no matter what bey you get as ALL are rare anyway.

And of course like any other previous RBV reviews, the weighing charts~

In anticipation to collectors with kick ass weighing scales, Takara Tomy has included FREE cardboards in its Random Booster Volume 7. For those who don't know what it is for, the Free Cardboard(s) are included randomly in the RVBs to offset the weight of the individual boxes so that collectors can't easily weigh out and Recognise the Beys in the boxes without opening them.

Free Cardboards weigh on the average 1.94g to 1.98g per piece.

The Super Rare Beat Lynx TH170WD weighs 80.58grams (do NOT have any Cardboard).

Below are the weight of the rest of the Beys with Cardboard in Box. 
Gravity Perseus (Attack Ver.) BD145XF = 80.49g (1 cardboard)
Hell Horuseus 85RS = 80.04g (1 cardboard)
Vulcan Herculeo 130DS = 79.24g (4 cardboards!!!)

Gravity Perseus (Stamina Ver.) 85DS = 78.62g (4 cardboards!!!)
Tornado Horuseus 130RSF = 79.04g (4 cardboards also!!!)
Hell Herculeo 100XF = 79.66g (1 cardboard)
Vulcan Horogium BD145RS = 80.07g (1 cardboard)

So there you have it, hope this weight list helps and for the record...

I got 30.76grams of FREE Cardboard!!! LOL


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  2. Missed out the cardboard weights haha. Thanks for the info !

  3. do they sell that in dollz inc. because i wanna know thanks

  4. does beat lynx have cardboard in it or not,if there is can you tell me how many grams of cardboard are in there thanks.

  5. Chua: No dollz inc do not have RBV7 at the moment. beat lynx has no cardboard inside. The weight I have given is inclusive of the cardboard weight(if any).

  6. Thank you for sharing this information, Its has help me to know more about Boost Sound