Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CoroCoro Comic November Issue Review

This month's issue of CoroCoro has no image of Zero on it cover, so do look out for the right number "11" when buying.

Sadly, there is only a center split page covering the upcoming ZeroG Beyblades.
Namely the BBG-23 Random Booster Vol.3, BBG-24 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set (Attack and Balance) and BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set (Stamina and Defense)

Features the ZRBV3 Super Rare, Bandit GenBull F230TB.
Exclusive to the GenBull is its new Free 230 (F230) Track. F230 is is basically a Free Spinning 230 Track that separates the top Chromium Wheel and Bottom movements, Greatly increasing Stamina. It also come with a new Bottom Part, Twin Ball. This new part is a Rounded WD with a small Ball tip in the Center. Very high in Defense capability. More review when its in my stash.

BBG-24 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set (Attack and Balance)

The Image features the New ChW, Girago which come in this DX set together with another ChW, Baruro. 
Apparently the "Girago" is the ZeroG version of "Giraffe" or "Kirin" in the past series and instead of a Defense Type, it is Now a High Attack Chromium Wheel.

BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set (Defense and Stamina)

This set comes with another New ChW, Wyverg together with Baruro.
The Wyverg (Wyvern) Chromium Wheel is a Heavy Defense Type wheel.
Baruro on the other hand is a Double "Face" ChW and holds a certain Stamina status.

Both Set also comes with W130, A230 Tracks and EDS, HF Bottoms (More to be revealed)

The two new Chromium Wheels (Girago and Wyverg) are actually designed by the Testers of WBBA in Japan. They claimed to have the Highest Attack and Defense Capability to date.

The back pages show a short review of the Rock Type Synchrom, Goriem Begirados F230TB.

Going to put some images up to hype things up a little. If you do not like spoilers...oh well.

Hagane Ginga is Back! Looks way older with cooler hairstyle and his trademack head band.

and yes with a New ZeroG version of his Bey, the Samurai Pegasis!

Kyoya is back too!!!

Not to mention the "Wolf Bey Guy"! LOL

Apparently there is a ZeroG version of the Wolf Beyblade too (Red arrow shows ZeroG Crystal)

Looks like a Reunion is coming up soon ya~


  1. Oh, this can guarantee an interesting twist if it doesn't involve a potential Nemesis return.

    I mean, wasn't that Doji's main goal? Still though, if not, very intriguing.

  2. Awesome overlook of CoroCoro November, BeyGen. It's still pretty sad that Beyblade's only getting two pages worth of content, especially in addition to the usual manga chapter.

    Gingka looks beast, Doji is basically the Terminator and Kyoya seemed like he calmed down the "wild side" of his in seven years, heh. If I may though BeyGen, would it be okay if you just told me a short summary of what exactly happened in the manga issue? No pictures are required, but if the story is just "Gingka coming out of nowhere when Kira summoned Bahamudia, and him meeting Zero and then Doji comes out of nowhere to fight Gingka" then that's okay, lol.

  3. Kyouya in the manga looks so HAWT!!! (PS I'm a girl that is about 14 years old, so you'll understand...) I want kyouya to be my- Oh nevermind.