Friday, November 16, 2012

CoroCoro Comic December Issue Review

This Months CoroCoro only has a very small image of Zero in the middle. So do look out for the "12" at the bind.

Similar to the last issue, the December issue also only have a couple of pages featuring two new Beys. The Bahamudia and Pegasus~!

The Gladiator Bahamudia SP230GF is the "evolved" Begirados, apparently the Biggest ZeroG bey in the making so far and also the 'Last Boss' of the ZeroG series.

The Bahamudia Chromium Wheel has many Gaps in it similar to the Gargoyle ChW, high in Recoil.

The New Bey consist of ALL new parts with the Bahamudia Chromium Wheel which is the Widest Chromium Wheel so far at 53mm, the Gladiator Crystal Wheel which is a 4 bladed Attack Wheel, the Spike 230 (SP230) Track which is similar to Hell Kerbecs BD145 and the Giga Flat (GF) Bottom which is the Biggest Flat surfaced Bottom so far.

On the other page is the New Samurai Pegasus W105R2F, yes, the revival of Ginga's Pegasus in ZeroG form.

Seriously the only new part in the Pegasus is the Chromium Wheel which in my opinion is pretty much disappointing as a comeback. The overused Samurai Crystal Wheel and past season's parts W105 and R2F isn't that much of a surprise and that dulls up this New Bey.

At the very Bottom, the page features some Full Synchrom combos you can make with the Upcoming DX sets. Girago Wyvern AD145EDS.

Full Synchrom Baruro SA165SB and Wyvern Girago E230GCF.


As much i hate to tell peeps of BeygenSG this, ZeroG is coming to an End. 
Yes, this could very well be the Last CoroCoro Comic Review i will be doing about Beyblade ZeroG and also that the Gladiator Bahamudia and Samurai Pegasus are the Final 2 Beys of this Series.

and so... the final chapter if MetalFight Beyblade ZeroG

"MetalFight Beyblade ZeroG has Ended. Thank you for your endless support for the last 4 years or more!! Please look forward more works of Adachi Takafumi in the future. THE END"


Some good news, with the help of many friends, BeygenSG was able to obtain Full Sets of  ZRBV.2 amd ZRBV.3 so reviews to be up soon. Thank you for the support~


  1. it is only the zero g series right pls tell me its only the zero g series (i hope its not whole beyblade thats ending) PLS REPLY QUICK

  2. there is no detail on whether it will be Metalfight Beyblade on the whole, but yes, it is the end of the Hagane Ginga 4 part Saga. (MFBeyblade, MFBeyblade Explosion, MFBeyblade 4D and MFBeyblade ZeroG)

    So its the end for now.

    1. Excuse me, mori.m, awesome review by the way, but in the second-to-last image you uploaded of the Zero-G manga scans of the last chapter, it seems that the page following where Zero shouts "Go Shoot!!", it advertises the Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G Vol. 2 manga, which features Chapters six-through-nine.


      It also seems to feature what appears to be "Sakyo VS Ryuga" in an advertisement, it seems. I have also heard that limited copies of the book in question, will come with a map that features the "Dragon Clan Village", which seems to be about Ryuga, Ryuto and Sakyo.

      If you could, mori.m, could you please try and upload the picture that advertises Vol. 2 and translate it, for us? We would also really love it if you could pre-order the Vol. 2 book as well, as limited copies will feature the map that seems to relate to Ryuga, Ryuto and Sakyo. Vol. 2 releases on November 28, 2012; so orders may fall short, please buy it, mori.m!

      Please pre-order Vol. 2 and review it, mori.m, it would be really nice to see you review it as we really would like to see the map in it as well as any other bonus and extra material and content included in it. Also, if you could, please get Vol. 1 as well as it may also have extra content, too! Please reply, mori.m! :) I have provided links below so that you may purchase and pre-order them. :)

      Vol. 1:

      Vo.l. 2:

  3. will the Gladiator Bahamudia SP230GF and the Samurai Pegasus W105RF be a starter or a random booster

    And where can i buy all those zero g bey???
    All i saw revizer,ifraid,saramanda in OG..