Monday, August 27, 2012

CoroCoro Comic September Issue Review

Hi BeyGenSG peeps, I am back from my summer vacation in Japan~
Will be resuming my regular reviews of Beyblades soon ya :)

First up, CoroCoro Comic September Issue Review
This issue of CoroCoro comes with a mini comic and a big Pokemon B2W2 Poster with all the latest pokemon list. Only a small image of Kurogane Zero is spotted above the black bat/cat? on the right side of the book.

Sadly, this issue of CoroCoro only have a full page of Beyblade feature. This time its talks about the popular Dark Knight Dragooon combinations that is storming the ZeroG competitions in Japan.
(Jap:CoroCoro Dragooon Customization!!! Dou:Anger, Ra:Asura, Gon: Army)

The "Dou" or Anger combo consist of:
Dragooon ChW
Ifraid ChW
Elevator 230 Track
Gear Circle Flat Bottom

Basically a full Attack based bey which emphasize on speed and power in its attack, not mentioning that the Dragooon Chromium Wheel positioned on the top tier, makes it a left spin Bey, dealing more counter damage to its opponents.

The "Ra" or Asura combo consist of:
Clear Stone Face
Dragooon ChW (Left Spin)
Reviser ChW
Switch 145 Track
Sharp Ball Bottom

Asura is a warrior with many powerful arms and in this case represents the Beys high Repetitive Attack capabilities combined with Balance and Adsorb abilities. The mode changing SW145 allows the Asura combo to change between Attack and Adsorb modes. The Balance and Defense capabilities of the Reviser greatly increase the "leeching" ability of the Left Spin Asura Combo Bey.

The "Gon" or Army combo consist of:
Dragooon ChW (Left Spin)
Gargoyle ChW
Armor 230 Track
Blade Semi Flat

Army combo is represented by the Mass Defensive abilities of an army wall. Therefore, the Army combo have very high Defense and Attack capabilities. The Left Spin Gargoyle ChW has a very high recoil and when coupled with A230's high defence Track, creates a powerful recoil defense Bey. The addition of the Blade Semi Flat Attack movements, the Army combo is a Defensive Attack Bey not to be met with~

Featured in the next issue is Bandit Golem DF145BS the first "Rock-Type" Elemental Bey!

A little "spoiler" feature is also spotted in the comics section, previewing the 2 Rock-Type Elemental Beys and their owners. Bandit Golem - Iwayama Yoshio and  Berserker Begirados - Hayama Kira.

More of  Berserker Begirados SR200BWD will be featured in the next issue.

On the Back of the CoroCoro Comic features BBG16 - Dark knight Dragooon and

BBG20 - Bandit Golem DF145BS and BBG21 - First ZeroG Battle Set which are on sale now in Japan~

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