Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BBG-13 Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set

BBG-12 Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set
The first Bey battle set that includes the 3rd 'Water' Elemental Bey "Pirates Killerken A230JSB" & "Samurai Ifraid W145CF - Alter Ver" and also a ZeroG Light Launcher - Vermillion color ver.

Contents Include:
StoneFace (Clear Ruby) - 1.24g
Priates Crystal Wheel - 3.98g
Killerken Chromium Wheel - 30.48g
Armor 230 Track - 5.56g
Juke Sharp Ball Bottom - 0.62g

StoneFace (Clear Yellow)
Samurai Crystal Wheel
Ifraid Chromium Wheel
Wing 145 Track
Circle Flat Bottom

ZeroG Light Launcher w/ Ripcord (Vermillion Ver.)
Stickers & Instructions

Killerken ChW & Pirates CrW

The Killerken Chromium Wheel is a Water Elemental Defence Type metal wheel. Designed with the motif of the Water Beast 'Kraken' which is a giant octopus-like creature. 8 shield-like blades surround the outer circumference of the wheel consisting of 2 bigger and 6 smaller sections. The inner wheel is designed with the "tentacle" of an octopus in a gradient slope shape.
The Pirates Crystal Wheel is identical to the CrW from Pirates Orojya 145D except different in color.

Looking at the MMS Graph, the Killerken ChW appears to have a 'scattered' weight distribution pattern. Wall structure of the metal in the wheel is also dim, which means the walls around the outer rim is thin. The Killerken ChW design moves all its metal mass to the top layer of the wheel and keeps its lower half hollow. Which creates a great Recoil in this case.

The Killerken Chromium Wheel weighs apx 30.48g

And a Full Synchrom Killerken weighs at apx 60.75g
Armor 230 Track

The Armor 230 Track is a new part that only Pirates Killerken has at the moment. It is a Armored redition of the previous 230 Track as compared in the image above.

The A230 although known as a defense part, holds a very high Attack ability due to its irregular shape and surface. (Similar to the 4D Flash Metal Wheel which is Oval in shape when in Attack Mode).

Juke Sharp Ball
JSB Bottom, also a new part is basically a combination of the Juke Ball (JB) and Sharp Ball (SB). Not only does it have a higher Tilt Ratio tolerance, it also has a higher grip than the smooth surfaced SB.

When launched in the ZeroG Standard Attack Stadium the Pirates Killerken A230JSB stays in the absolute center section just like the Guardian Revizer 160SB. 

When a high Tilt Ratio is introduced, the Killerken is quick to response but moves around for half a cycle around the lower stadium before going to a Stamina state. A slight angling is also noted, this could be due to the high track that made the center of gravity higher causing an unbalanced CG.

Bey Battle Trials

Trial will be between "Pirates Killerken A230JSB" versus "Guardian Revizer 160SB". Both the Beys are Defence Types and of same elemental.

Upon launched, the recoil was immediately seen between the two Chromium Wheels. But a Greater recoil was noted as the Killerken was thrown far back into the stadium edge while the Revizer circles around due to the tilting of the stadium caused by Killerken's weight shift.

At this point the Pirates Killerken A230JSB slides back to the center portion of the Attack area in a slight back angle and induced a great attack to the Revizer with its A230 Track, sending it to the Stadium Out pocket! 
The A230 Algorithm (how it works)

When the opponent bey is in the "Attack Area" in the A230 Track, it is exposed to an uneven surface.

This surface, when making a sudden turn in position, creates an Attack to the opponent by rotating a "smash" due to the irregular shaped Track design (oval shaped). Quite an effective Attack Track design.

Overall the Pirates Killerken A230JSB is a high Recoil Bey with some interesting performance parts like A230 and JSB which are pretty useful when used against a lower tracked opponent. The overall Balance Weight of the Bey is too high and would suggest inverting to Crystal Up setting to lower the CG. A must have for all Bladers.

Samurai Ifraid W145CF (Alter Ver.)
Yet another recolor version of the Samurai Ifraid (offically 3 so far, specials not included), this time in crystal yellow. I wonder how many renditions are there going to be.

ZeroG Light Launcher (Vermillion Ver.)
Or also known as Hiryuin Shinobu's Beylauncher. Since it is the same color as the launcher he was using in the anime. this Vermillion Version could be the matching launcher for his Shinobi Saramanda~

The BBG-13 Beyblade Synchrom Battle Set is a good Starter for bladers whom want to mix and match some synchrom combinations thou getting the RBVs would also be great. Overall, its a good to have Set for any Bladers.


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