Monday, July 23, 2012

CoroCoro Comic August Issue Review

CoroCoro Comics August Issue
This months edition of CoroCoro only features a small image of Hagane Zero under the Coro wordings. Premiums that comes with this issue includes a Pokemon B2W2 mini rare pokemon guide, a Duel Masters Insert Comic, posters and some game cards from a new game machine in Japan.

This issue only packs a single fold out page about that new BBG-16 Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF. (Left Wing 160, Blade Semi Flat)
Jap:(Left Spin Dragooon, No other is the same!!! With this, there is no victories! )

The Left Spin Dark Knight Dragooon is owned by Kurayami Sakyo (not Ryuga) and is the only Left Spin Bey in the Zero G series so far. Released on the 21st of July 2012.

Apparently the Dark Knight Crystal Wheel and Dragooon Chromium Wheel when 'Synchrom' with other Beys, Alter the Direction of the Bey's Spin direction! Yes, that also means as long any Synchrom combination done with either the CrW or ChW your bey will become Left Spin!!!

Also released on the 21st July is BBG-17 ZeroG RBV2 with Super Rare Archer Gagoru (Gargoyle) SA165WSF (Switch Attack 165, Wide Semi Flat).more details and review when i get the bey ya~

Features the full Sky Synchrom fusion "Glyph Dragooon SA165WSF"
Jap: (The Most Powerful Scychrom this summer, Defeated both Fire and Water Synchrom Combi!)

As much as everyone will be anticipating the new "invincible" Sky Snychrom...
A new Rock elemental bey will be introduced after the Sky Elemental, I wonder what it is...

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