Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CoroCoro Comic November Issue Review

A week late, but i guess this issue is a must to review~

CoroCoro Comic November Issue
This month's issue has practically no Bey related images printed on its cover. The only clue you can get is on the middle of the cover, a super tiny image of ginga under the green words. (yup, thats all)

Why the review? This issue talks about the Final Forms of Pegasis and Ldrago!
Jap top: "Pegasis and Ldrago Final Upgrade Transformation!!"
Jap bottom: " Wing Pegasis 90WF and Ldrago Guardian S130MB is Born!!"

The Big Bang Pegasis, known for its Attack 'wings' given an even more powerful "One Strike" explosive Attack design. The Ldrago Destroy, defence/absorb capabilities are also given a massive 'Defence Type' Upgrade. I guess this means we will be expecting 'Recoil' capabilities added to both MWs.

A look at the new Wing Pegasis 90WF, no doubt the mode changing capabilites are forsaken and a more 'upper type' slope design is added to the Wing MW. The triangular piece of MW between the sloped Upper Wings must be the source of the mentioned "One Strike" capability. Similar to Blitz Unicorno's attack Fins, the added "fins" between the Sloped Wings will deliver a 'recoil' attack upon impact.

The Ldrago Guardian S130MB on the other hand is Upgraded to become a more balanced defensive type bey instead of an Attack type. I find the design of the MW similar to the Ldrago 'Rush Mode' minus the jaggard thorns. Since it was mentioned that the new MW will have more powerful 'Defensive' capabilities, my guess iis that it will be hollowed to some extend to propelle a powerful 'recoil' on its opponent. The Absorbing Rubber/PC portion of the MW still remain unchanged.

A small preview of a 3 Bey is also included, as many already mentioned, its probably Uranus. More review on it will be released in next month's issue. What known so far is that it has a 2-tier spiral shaped MW and comes with a 230 Track.

All 3 new beys comes in a DX Ultimate Reshuffle Set, to be released in Late November.

The next page reviews newly released Death Quezacolt 125RDF.

The 4D Death MW is known as the "Rotating Wall". Its so due to its height in MW compared to thinner MWs like Flame, Thermal, Scythe and Forbidden. The Death MW is able to change between two modes by flipping the top tier MW ring.
In Attack Mode, the uneven design on the surface during Attack Mode, degrades the opponent spin ratio greatly upon contact.
In Defence Mode, The grooves on the MW are 'closed' or 'hidden', this minimises surface impact, increasing stamina.

The New 4D Bottom is 'Rubber Defence Flat' (RDF). As clique as it sounds, RDF is the only rubber bottom with a 'Balance Type' catagory rating. The RDF is able to deliver a vigorous Attack motion like RF, Defence capabilities like RB and Stamina abilities like RS. An all-rounder to tackle any opponent types.

As much as i wish that Death Quezacolt and its RDF not ending up like Jade Jupiter (in the shelf...) I can't help but feel doubtful about how great it is. Will have to test it out to convince i guess.

A page on the New Home Edition Ultimate Beyta Stadium! 
The Ultimate Beyta Stadium comes with a Prototype Nemesis Bey that have a magnetic core~ this is so to enable the Beyta Stadium to 'Power' up the Bey whenever it goes to the center. Yes, there is a rotating magnetic 'power point' in the center of the Stadium. The direction of the "power point" and height of the Prototype Nemesis is also adjustable to acustom to all kinds of training enviroment. Great Bey Stadium to have for training without peers ya.

in promotion to the new release in Japan, all 1st batch of the Ultimate Beyta Stadium purchase from the official Beyta Shops in Japan will come with a Limited Big Bang Pegasis Blue Wing Version. (Please Note that this is ONLY in Japan during the promo period.) 

last but not least, the epic most anticipated Bey in 4D history! Diablo Nemesis!
According to 'Backdoor News' the Diablo MW is a very detailed and complex designed MW with Big Bang Pegasis, Ldrago Destroy and Fang Leone as its main motive with function elements from Blitz Unicorno, Phantom Orion, and Uranus. Its Track and Bottom are fusions of Variares, Scythe Kronos, Jade Jupiter, Beat Lynx and Death Quezacolt. Very WTH indeed. too bad we must wait till the next issue to see its Full Released Image.

In total there are 14 Beys in its motive design, can't wait to see it all come together ya~
For now, how many Beys can you find in its complex Face Design?

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  1. hey man in this magazine it comes a como with DEATH UNICORNO II... but i dont know what have in bottom, can u tell me please =), thanks in advance and its MF-H Death Unicorno II ?????

    thanks a lot