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BBG-23 ZeroG Random Booster Vol.3

Probably the final RBV set for the ZeroG series...

BBG-23 ZeroG Random Booster Vol.3
This is the 3nd full ZeroG volume random booster consisting of 8 Beys,
with 4 common, 3 Rares and 1 Super Rare, the 3rd Earth Elemental Bey...
Bandid GenBull F230TB!

Contents Include:
GenBull Stone FaceBolt (Printed) - 1.25g
Bandid Crystal Wheel - 4.83g
GenBull Chromium Wheel - 30.66g
Free 230 Track - 4.63g
Twin Ball Bottom - 0.76g
Stickers & Instructions

Beys in this RBV3 includes:
Bandid GenBull F230TB (Super Rare)
Shinobi GenBull 130W2D (Rare)
Thief Saramanda F230SF (Rare)
Shinobi Gryph WD45TB (Rare)
Bandid KillerKen 125W2D
Archer KillerKen 130B
Pirates Phoenic WD145SF
Archer Pheonic 125B

GenBull Chromium Wheel & Bandid Crystal Wheel

The GenBull is Stamina Type ChW. Designed with the motif of a 'Turtle Shell', the structure of the wheel is made out of a six sided polygonal design. The inner section also has two tentacle-like whips and a small 'turtle head' at the base of the ChW.

The inner structure of the GenBull Chromium Wheel is as similar to all the Stamina Type ChW. Weight Mass are distributed in a circular design and have most of the weight balanced around the outer circumference of the Wheel. The Six cut in points around the polygon created 'weight points' on the underneath section and are equally angled to improve stamina and balance capabilities.

The GenBull Chromium Wheel weighs approximately at 30.66g 

The Full Synchrom GenBull ChW weighs aprx at 61.20g

The Bandid Crystal Wheel is similar to the Bandid Goriem in performance but only differ in color. 

Free 230 Track & Twin Ball Bottom 

Exclusive to the Bandid GenBull Bey is the Free 230 (F230) Track and the Twin Ball (TB) Bottom. 

The Free 230 is the first Free Spinning two axle singular Track that can accommodate an interchangeable Bottom.   

Although the F230 does NOT have a bearing like the Bearing Drive (B:D) in its structure, it is fairly Free Spinning even out of the Box. Tried to hand spun it and it managed to spin for a good 7 secs.

Another new Bottom part also comes exclusively to the GenBull. The Twin Ball Bottom (TB). The TB is a very wide designed Bottom with the same Diameter as the Big Wide Defense (BWD) of the Begirados. Design puts a Ball on a much Bigger Ball, double tier. It pretty much looks like a 'Swell Up' or Up-sized version of the Ball Sharp (BS) Bottom.

The Twin Ball has very high Balance properties and is able to resist against very odd angle tilts of the Bey with the right Chromium Wheel. (Not Recommended with Attack ChW)


Launched the Bandid GenBull F230TB in a Standard ZeroG Attack Stadium to sample the behavior of the Bey. Upon stadium contact, the GenBull immediately goes into a semi Attack mode and started to do a 'Flower' circular motion around the Stadium, making the Stadium rock and move vividly.

At this state, a forceful tilt was manually induced and the GenBull was able to keep its Balance even when tilting quite badly.

As the Spin ratio decreases, the GenBull stayed at the center of the Stadium, recovering for its Bad Tilt angle from the stadium movement and goes into 'Stamina State', Impressive #1.

In this 'Stamina State' a timer was started and the GenBull was able to stay in Stamina for a good 2 minutes and 23 seconds before wobbling out of it due to low Spin Ratio. Impressive #2

Bey Battle Trial

To put the Bandid GenBull F230TB Balance and Stamina to test, we will be putting it against its own kind, Earth Elemental Stamina Type Bey, Berserker Begirados SR200BWD!

Upon launch, the two Bey waste no time sending each other recoiling to the edge of the Stadium and rocking the whole battle around. Both beys put up quite a good defense with their wide surfaced Bottom Parts (TB and BWD) making sure Both stayed in the Stadium!

After 6-7 times of such Recoil due to Begirados high Recoil capabilities, the Begirados starts to lose its Stamina. and started to slide to the center pit.

Being higher in Track Height, the GenBull was able to do a minor 'Smash Attack' on the Begirados causing it to tilt quite badly. Having higher Balance and Stamina, the Genbull was able to tilt back to 'Stamina State' even after impact.

The Begirados soon loses its Spin Ratio and was unable to regain its Balance, causing the ChW to contact the Stadium Surface losing All remaining spin power. The GenBull wins still maintaining its Spin Ratio in 'Stamina State'.


The Bandid GenBull F230TB is a very well designed High tier Stamina Bey, it kind of performed similar to the champion combo of Hell Kerbecs 230MB back in 2011. The Free Spinning capabilities of the Non Bearing track F230 is more than impressive out of the Box and will prolly perform more better after some wearing out. The high Tilt Resistance Twin Ball Bottom Part, performed really well when regaining Balance from bad tilt angles, but do note that the performance also rely on the Chromium Wheel weight and Balance. The GenBull ChW is a great Stamina and Balance Chromium Wheel to have.
Overall, the Bandid GenBull F230TB is a must get for all Stamina and Balance Bladers that like a bit more out of a boring Stamina Battle.


For those whom gotten themselves the whole set of ZGRVB3  would by now have noticed that the other Beys consist of a Fossil Amber color, 'F230' and 'TB'. Sadly, the other Bandid Chromium Wheel is Cyan in color and not the same. But similar to all the Previous ZRBV1 "Hidden Rare" Thief Pheonic E230GCF - Crimson Version, the ZRVB2 The Archer Gargole SA165WSF - Blood Version, the ZRBV3 has...

Bandid GenBull F230TB - Gaia Version

(note: I changed the CrW into Bandid Goriem's Emerald Green one as i find the color nicer, if you are wondering LOL)

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