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BBG-18 ZeroG Random Booster Vol.2

Apologies for the delay, BeyGenSG has finally gotten its BBG-18 ZeroG Random Booster Vol.2 and here is a short review of its Super Rare Sky Type Elemental Bey~ Archer Gargole SA165WSF!


BBG-18 ZeroG Random Booster Volume 2
This is the 2nd full ZeroG volume random booster consisting of 8 Beys,
with 4 common, 3 Rares and 1 Super Rare, the 3rd Sky Elemental Bey...
Archer Gargole SA165WSF!

Contents Include:
Gargole Stone FaceBolt (Printed) - 1.25g
Archer Crystal Wheel - 5.12g
Gargole Chromium Wheel - 29.87g
Switch Attack 165 Track - 6.21g
Wide Semi Flat Bottom - 0.73g
Stickers & Instructions

Beys in this RBV2 includes:
Archer Gargole SA165WSF (Super Rare)
Guardian Gargole M165SB (Rare)
Shinobi Orojya160WSF (Rare)
Samurai Revizer SA165Q (Rare)
Archer Ifraid W145SB
Guardian Saramanda W145Q
Pirates Revizer M145CF
Pirates Gryph 160CF

Gargole Chromium Wheel & Archer Crystal Wheel

The Gargole is an Attack type Chromium Wheel. Its surface motif design is of two Symmetrical Winged Gargoyles with their "jaws" biting onto the Crystal. The Winged areas of the Wheel have Six hollow portions which creates very high Recoil factor when on impact with another ChW.

The Gargole ChW is also holds an average level of Stamina capabilities and this is due to its Solid Outer Ring Structure. The Gargole ChW, unlike the others, has a fully filled Wheel Structure which makes the weight distribution around the wheel well balanced, increasing in Stamina.

The Gargole Chromium Wheel weighs approximately at 29.87g

And a Full Synchrom Gargole ChW weighs aprx at 59.51g

The Archer Crystal Wheel is similar as the previous Archer Gryph reviews only differs in color.

Switch Attack 165 Track & Wide Semi Flat Bottom

Exclusive to the Archer Gargole Bey is the Switch Attack (SA165) Track and the Wide Semi Flat (WSF) Bottom.

The SA165 is a two piece inter-flip-able Track that have two Modes, Normal and ZeroG Attack Modes.

In Normal mode, the SA165 slope surface is placed facing down, creating a sloped defense wall. The Bey at this point has only one Point of Surface Contact. High Resistance to Tilts and Recoils. The small "Studs" on the Outer Ring of the SA165 is able to execute a Repetitive Attack action to the opponents Bey, and depletes Revolution Ratio. 

In ZeroG Attack mode, the SA165 Ring is placed slope up. This makes the Outer Ring of the Track perform like a CF or Elevator230, increasing the Surface Contact points to 2. This mode increases the Revolution Speed of the Bey when in Contact with the Stadium Surface, also increase in Attack Impact.

The Wide Semi Flat (WSF) is the widest rendition of the Semi Flat series. The Flat Area of the WSF is greatly significant when compared to its previous variations like Bladed Semi Flat (BSF) and Rubber Semi Flat (RSF).


When the Archer Gargole SA165WSF(Normal Mode) is launched into a ZeroG Standard Attack Stadium, it makes average sized circular movements tilting the Stadium as it covers almost all the surface area in the Attack Zone.

The Gargole has a very high tolerance to sudden high tilting ratio and maintains its balance quite well though risking its Stamina due to its Wide surfaced Bottom WSF.

Bey Battle Trial

To test the Recoil capability of the Archer Gargole SA145WSF, a trial battle was set up with Attack Type Fire Bey from ZeroG RBV1 - Thief Pheonic E230GCF in a ZeroG Standard Attack Stadium.

When Launched, both Beys makes huge circles around the outer sections creating a profuse rocking movement to the Stadium.

After a proximate 4 rev, the Beys made contact and a few small recoils were made and Pheonic was able to Smash Attack Gargole due to its taller Track. But the Gargole high Tilt resistance and WSF came to action and regain balance after a few small revs around the Phoenic.

The Higher Stamina ChW of Gargole soon starts to deplete the Phoenic's jaggered surfaced ChW and a Sudden Recoil Attack from the Gargole sends the Thief Pheonic into the Stadium Out pocket.


The Archer Gargole SA165WSF is a well balanced Attack Type Bey. The Gargole ChW have several useful Stamina and Recoil Capabilities when going against an Attack Bey. Not Recommended for Stamina Users or against High Stamina Beys as the WSF is very low in Stamina. The Switch Attack 165 Track in Normal Mode is a highly useful Track to keep opponents attacks off and regains balance quite effectively. 
The wide Revs around the Stadium that the WSF makes also dangers the Bey as it gets too near to the Pockets at times. (Probably better off with BSF ot RSF combo). 
Overall, the Archer Gargole SA165WSF is a good Bey to have in a collection but needs tune up to be used in battle.


For those whom gotten themselves the whole set of ZGRVB2  would have noticed that the other Beys consist of a Red 'Archer CrW', 'SA165' and 'WSF'.Like the Previous ZRBV1 "Hidden Rare" Thief Pheonic E230GCF - Crimson Version, the ZRVB2 also has its "Hidden Rare" version...

The Archer Gargole SA165WSF - Blood Version

Next up,
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